Getting Started with CORE

Getting Started with Cobweb CORE

To begin using Cobweb CORE please see the following steps:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to
  2. Login using the login credentials you have been provided in your Welcome to Cobweb CORE documentation

  1. If this is the first time you have logged in, you may be asked to change your password. Simply enter a password of your choice, making sure that
    • The password is longer than 8 characters
    • Your password contains a mixture of letters (uppercase and lower) digits and punctuation
  2. Once logged in, you will land on the Cobweb CORE homepage

  1. To edit your profile, simply click on your login name in the top right corner and click My Profile 
  1. Here you will see your User settings. If you need to edit any, simply click Edit under User Settings

This will give you the ability to change your name, upload a photo, change your preferred language, phone number, and personal email address details.