About Office 365 Tenant Domains

What is a Tenant Domain?

When your Office 365 service is provisioned, it is provisioned with a unique domain that ends with .onmicrosoft.com, such as cobweb.onmicrosoft.com. This is unique to your organisation and will always be available for use on your Office 365 account.

Why do I need one?

The Tenant Domain becomes an identifier for your Office 365 service. All the accounts and services you use with Office 365 become associated with it, keeping your service separate from that of other organisations using Office 365.

What is it used for?

Aside from being an identifier for your service, it will also form part of your SharePoint & OneDrive site address. For example, cobweb.onmicrosoft.com will become cobweb.sharepoint.com.

Additionally, you can use the Tenant Domain to add users and email addresses for your Office 365 services. In additional to your Tenant Domain, you can still add your own organisation’s domains.

Where can I find my Tenant Domain?

Aside from checking your SharePoint/OneDrive URLs. You can find this information in your Office 365 Admin Center.

Can I change my Tenant Domain?

No, once set, a Tenant Domain cannot be changed. If you wish to use a different tenant domain, you will need to have a brand-new Office 365 service provisioned. 

How can I check if a Tenant Domain is available?

If you are placing an order with us through one of our Control Panels, then you will be asked for this during the order process and you can check there.

Alternatively, you can check these through an external site such as https://o365.rocks/.