Acquire Teams Phone Numbers

If you have Business Voice or Enterprise Voice services with calling plans for Teams, you can add numbers into your Teams service for use with these services.

Numbers are categorised into either User (subscriber) numbers or Service numbers.

User (subscriber) – Can be assigned directly to users for calling in and out

Service – Can be assigned to a Voice App, including Auto Attendants & Call Queues.

You can either request numbers from Microsoft or port in your numbers from another provider.

Request Numbers from Microsoft

Microsoft can provide numbers in a number of locations that you can request from your Teams Admin Center. Not all Geographic area codes will be available in this method, if the required area code is not available, you can send the request to Microsoft.

There is a standard limit as to how many licences you have from Microsoft at any given time, determined by the number of calling plans you have:

  1. Log into your Teams Admin Center at
  2. Go to ‘Voice > Phone Numbers’

  1. Press Add
  2. Enter the required information for the numbers
    1. Name & Description for the request
    2. Number type (User or Service)
    3. City & Area Code
    4. Location (See  Emergency Addresses)
    5. Quantity
  3. Press Next
  4. Select Place Order

Port Numbers from Another Provider

If you have existing numbers from another provider, you may be able to port these over to Microsoft for use within Teams.

Not all numbers can be ported, you should first check if yours can:

You can place Number Port requests for UK numbers through the Teams Admin Center

  1. Log into your Teams Admin Center at
  2. Go to ‘Voice > Phone Numbers’

  1. Press  Port
  2. Press Next
  3. Select United Kingdom as the country
  4. Select the number type and whether they are to be User or Service numbers
  5. Press Next

Note: If you need to submit some numbers as User numbers and others as Service numbers, you should submit 2 port requests.

  1. Provide the required details for:
    1. Person Authorising – Your Details or those of a person allowed to authorise the request
    2. Current Provider Details – Details for your existing supplier of your numbers
    3. Installation Address – Address assigned to the numbers with the current provider
  2. Press Next

Note: The details provided must exactly match those from the current provider. Mismatches may result in your port request being delayed.

  1. Upload a CSV file of the list of numbers to be ported
  2. Press Next

Note: The CSV file must have a single heading named ‘PhoneNumber’ and all numbers must be in E.164 format.

  1. Select Download the Template
  2. You will need to print the LOA template and sign it, before scanning back in.
  3. Select Upload a signed Letter of Authorization to upload the signed file
  4. Press Submit

Note: You can close the port request and return back to it later to upload the LOA and submit the request.

Once your number port is submitted to Microsoft, you will be provided updates by the Microsoft EU Number Porting Team. They will advise when the number port will complete, or if any additional information is required.

Once a number port has a date, you will be able to assign the numbers out in Teams ready for the transfer date.

Number porting can take a while, please allow up to 30 days for it to process.

Emergency Addresses

For UK telephone numbers, you will need to specify an Emergency Address when adding the numbers into Teams.

This address is used by Emergency Services to route calls to the appropriate local services and for them to respond to.

  1. Log into your Teams Admin Center at
  2. Go to ‘Locations > Emergency Addresses’

  1. Select Add
  2. Provide a Name and Description for the location
  3. Select the Country
  4. Enter the address required
  5. Press Save