Add a new Microsoft 365 User in Cobweb CORE

If you need to create a new user for your Microsoft 365 service, you can do so using Cobweb CORE.

  1. Login to Cobweb CORE as an Administrator user  
  2. Select the Microsoft 365 section in the left navigation pane
  3. Select Add New Users
  4. Enter the First & Last Name for the new user & the email address to be used
  5. Ensure the Microsoft 365 Service is ticked
  6. Press Next
  7. Select the Licence(s) to assign to the user account

The user will then be added, but will need to be activated. 

  1. Return to the Microsoft 365 Section
  2. Select the Actions menu next to the user
  3. Select Activate
  4. Confirm the Microsoft User ID, which they will use to sign into the service
  5. Enter or generate a password for this account
  6. Confirm the Display Name to be used for the account
  7. Press Activate