Add an Azure Subscription in Cobweb CORE

You can sign up for an Azure subscription through Cobweb Core, whether you have existing Office 365 or Azure services with us already or not.

You can have multiple Azure subscriptions in a single account, allowing you to break them down to different functions.

Add a New Azure Subscription

  1. Log into your Cobweb Core account at
  2. Select Marketplace from the navigation menu on the left

  1. Select Microsoft Azure

  1. Select Azure CSP
  2. Press Next
  3. Press Next
  4. Press Next

  1. Either:
If you already have Office 365 and/or Azure services through Cobweb:
  • Confirm the tenant domain shown is correct
  • Press Finish
If you have an existing Office 365 / Azure tenant that is not currently with Cobweb:
  • Select ‘Use Existing Microsoft Account Registered Elsewhere’ 
  • Enter your tenant domain. 
  • Create the user requested in the tenant for verification
  • Press Finish
If you do not currently have an Office 365 / Azure tenant
  • Select ‘Sign up for a new Microsoft Online Account’
  • Enter the requested tenant domain
  • Press Finish

Note: If prompted, confirm your details for the acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement.

Assign Permissions to the Azure subscription

When you provision an Azure subscription, the ‘default’ admin account will be given Owner permissions. If you aren’t sure who this user is, contact us at

The owner of the subscription can grant additional users access over the subscription.

  1. Log into your Azure tenant at
  2. From the navigation menu, select ‘All services > Subscriptions’

  1. Click into the Azure subscription you wish to manage

  2. Select Access Control (IAM) from the subscription blade

  3. Select the Role Assignments header
  4. Press the Add button followed by Add role assignment
  5. Select the required role from the Role list
    • If the user needs to manage all aspects of the subscription, select the Owner role
  6. Search for and select the required user account or group from the directory
  7. Press Save