Adding Global Relay Archive Members for Exchange 2013

It is possible to add users to your Global relay archiving service directly through your Cobweb Control Panel. Emails sent to and from members who have been added will be added to your Global Relay journalling. 

You will need to have the Global Relay service added to your Subscription before the options will appear.

Adding Global Relay Archive Members

  1. Head to the Cobweb Control Panel at and log in using your administrator login.

  2. Once logged in navigate to More Services using the top ribbon menu.

  1. Under more services select Global Relay Archiving

  1.  Head to Recipients on the secondary ribbon.

  1. Use the Add button to add users to this list. You can add multiple users at a time.

To add users on this screen you simply check the checkbox on the left-hand side to select the users you wish to add to the archiving service. Once you have selected all users required, hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Only new mail is archived for each user. Mail that currently exists in the mailbox will not be automatically archived. To archive historic data you will need to contact Global Relay directly for assistance. Their contact information can be found at