Blocked File Extension List for Email Attachments

Below is a list of file types that cannot be sent over Hosted Exchange.

Extension File Type

.ade Microsoft Access project extension

.adp Microsoft Access project

.bas Microsoft Visual Basic file module

.bat Batch file

.chm Compiled HTML Help file

.cmd Microsoft Windows N Command Script

.com Microsoft MS-DOS program

.cpl Control Panel extension

.dll Dynamic Link Library

.eml Outlook Express message file

.exe Program

.hlp Help file

.hta HTML program

.inf Setup information

.ins Internet Naming Service

.isp Internet Communication Settings

.js Jscript file

.jse Jscript encoded Script file

.mde Microsoft Access MDE database

.msc Microsoft Common Console document

,msi Microsoft Windows Installer package

.msp Microsoft Windows Installer patch

.mst Microsoft Visual Test source files

.nws MS Outlook Express News File

.ocx ActiveX Component

.pcd Photo CD image, Microsoft Visual compiled script

.pif Shortcut to MS-DOS program

.reg Registration entries

.scr Screen saver

.sct Windows script Component

.shb Shell Scrap object

.shs Shell Scrap object

.vb VB Script file

.vbe VB Script Encoded script file

.vbs VB Script file

.vbx Visual Basic custom control

.wsc Windows Script Component

.wsf Windows Script file

.wsh Windows Script Host Settings file

.crt Security certificate

.mdb Microsoft access program

.ink Shortcut