Call2Teams Assign to a User

Once you have configured your PBX or Trunk and your connection to Teams, you can assign the service to a user in Teams.

The user must be assigned the Phone System service to be picked up by Call2Teams.

If you are connecting a user to a existing PBX system, you will need authentication information for the user on the PBX system.


Assign to a User

It is recommended to run a Sync using the Sync Now button to pull across an updated list of users from Teams.

  1. Log into your Call2Teams Admin Portal  at
  2. Select the Users heading

  1. Select Add User
  2. Select the User from the dropdown
  3. Select the Trunk/PBX to connect the user to
  4. For PBX, enter the authentication information for the user
  5. For Trunks, select the number from the Trunk
  6. Press Add
  7. Once you have all users configured, press Sync Now to apply the changes to Teams