Call2Teams Connect to Teams

Once you have configured your PBX or Trunk, you will need to connect the Call2Teams service to your Teams service for configuration to be applied.

You should have two spare licences that include Teams available when completing this process. This includes Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, E3 or E5. If you don’t have spare licences available, you will be prompted to complete some manual steps to activate the service.

Connect to Teams

New Trunk connections can be added in the Call2Teams Admin Portal.

  1. Log into your Call2Teams Admin Portal  at
  2. Select the Services heading

  1. Select the Teams tab
  2. Select Enable Service
  3. Sign in with your Global Administrator
  4. Accept the requested permissions on behalf of your Organisation

  1. You may be provided with some DNS records to add to your domain, these will need to be added with your domain host.
  2. Select the Sync Now button once the initial setup is complete.