Call2Teams Connect to your Trunks

If you have Call2Teams for Trunks (Trunk2Teams), you can connect to your SIP Trunk to Call2Teams to route calls to Teams.

Add a Trunk

New Trunk connections can be added in the Call2Teams Admin Portal.

  1. Log into your Call2Teams Admin Portal  at
  2. Select the Services heading

  1. Select the Trunk tab
  2. If you are adding an additional trunk, select Add Additional Trunk
  3. Use the dropdown to select from available provider templates, or select Custom 

Note: If you select Custom, you will need to confirm to proceed with the Unsupported Configuration. Connection issues with these trunk setups should be referred to the trunk provider.

  1. Enter the number range to add from the Trunk
  2. Enter the Authentication information for your Trunk – The required information will vary depending on the selected template
  3. Press Add Trunk

A small green dot will appear in the corner next to your Trunk configuration once the registration is verified.