Cobweb ActiveSync Customer Statement


Mobile devices help you stay in touch when you need to; it is now possible to have your emails delivered to your mobile.

This enables you to have, and offer others, a flexible working arrangement which will suit you and your business. When using Exchange ActiveSync with mobile devices it is important to be aware of the device compatibility with the Active Sync protocol being used with Microsoft Exchange.

Cobweb recommends using Outlook Web Access from the browser on the device to access your email.

Implementing Exchange ActiveSync

When you are deciding which devices to use in an Exchange Server organisation that uses Exchange ActiveSync, ensure you understand the features and capabilities of the devices; not all devices support the same configuration options and some devices may not support all features or versions of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

More information on Mobile devices and ActiveSync Features supported click here.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Licenses are provided by Microsoft to third party manufactures for Exchange ActiveSync to be incorporated in devices; however, the Exchange ActiveSync code for the licenses is not written by Microsoft, this is known to cause various different issues with ActiveSync and third party devices. Please see the below statement from Microsoft on this:

"Exchange ActiveSync Licensees provide the Exchange ActiveSync software that is used on the third-party devices. Microsoft does not write the Exchange ActiveSync code for the licensees' devices or services. Microsoft licenses patents, which are Microsoft Intellectual Property, to Exchange ActiveSync licensees. Also, Microsoft provides public access to the Exchange ActiveSync protocol documentation"

As this is the case ActiveSync devices will often contain different versions of ActiveSync code and can be subject to different bugs requiring updates to the OS on the device; this is not a process which can be supported by cobweb due to the nature of the different devices and different manufactures that hold an Exchange ActiveSync License. For information on the current Exchange ActiveSync Protocol Licenses please click here

Known ActiveSync Issues

Cobweb continue to recommend all third-party devices a regularly updated, devices which are kept up to date with the latest OS will contain the latest patches and updates for the ActiveSync protocol on the device. Known issues with ActiveSync devices can often be resolved with the latest update to the device. Looking at the research we have carried out these issues have been with the specific devices, this is not specific to the version of Exchange and has no correlation with Hosted VS on Premises Exchange. To see more known ActiveSync issues with third-party devices please click here.

Cobweb Recommends

Due to the nature of these issues, resolutions cannot be implemented from the Hosted Exchange platform. Cobweb recommends using Outlook Web Access from the browser on the device to access your email.