Cobweb Billing - Ordering Additional Resources

What are additional resources?

Additional resources are services you can add to your subscription. For example, if your subscription is for Hosted Exchange, additional resources would be mailboxes, blackberry licenses or additional space which can be added to an existing mailbox.

STEP 1: Log in to using you Admin Username and Password

STEP 2: Click on the link for 'Buy Additional Resources'


STEP 3: Choose the subscription you wish to purchase resources for and click 'Next'


STEP 4: Change the resources limits to the new required limits and click 'Next'


STEP 5: Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Order and confirm acceptance before clicking



STEP 6: Review order details and click 'Place Order'


This order will go through to Provisioning queue where a provisioning agent will open and process the order.

Please note until the provisioning agent has opened the order you cannot use the additional resources.

*Provisioning agents work Core Hours from 8:00-18:30 therefore any orders placed outside of core hours will not be processed until the next day*

What if I order the wrong resource or make a mistake on my purchase?

Please contact support on 0345 223 9000 or who will make the amendments you require.

How do I remove additional resources

The process is essentially the same as adding. On the screen above, where you select upgrade, there will also be a downgrade option next to it; all you need to do is select downgrade, apply the quantity and place the order. It will go through to the provisioning team in exactly the same way as an upgrade order.