Configuring Exchange Manually in Outlook 2011 (Exchange 2013)

Outlook 2011 for Mac Configuration Guide

  1. Open Outlook 2011 on your Mac.

  2. Click Tools and Accounts...

  3. Either click Exchange Account, or click the + symbol located on the bottom left and click Exchange Account.

  4. Please enter your email address followed by your User name and password and click Add Account

    (The username is normally your full email address, if you are unsure of your username then please contact your local administrator or check in the Parallels control panel, under Exchange > Mailboxes > Login column)

    4a) If your account does not auto configure you will be presented with the screen below, simply enter the server in as and click Add Account.

  5. Outlook 2011 will now try to automatically configure your email account, if successful it will ask allow our server to configure your email account. Tick Always use my response for this server and click Allow

  6. Your Account will now carry on configuring once complete you will be displayed a list of email accounts that have been setup. Press the Red Cross, and your emails will start to download.