Accept a Partner Relationship with Cobweb

If you have an existing Office 365 service that you want to bring over to Cobweb, you will need to add us as a Partner to your tenant.

Accepting this agreement does not change your existing subscriptions with Microsoft or other Office 365 Partners.

You must accept this agreement whilst logged in as a Global Administrator of your Office 365 service.

Accept the Partner Relationship

  1. Open the Partner Relationship agreement through the link below

  1. Sign in with your Office 365 Global Administrator account

  2. Tick the checkbox to confirm your acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement on behalf of your organisation

  3. Press Authorise

Once accepted, you will be shown your list of partners, which will confirm Cobweb Solutions Ltd has been added.

This relationship provides us with administrative access over your tenant, equivalent to a Global Administrator. This can be removed by clicking into the Partner entry and selecting Remove delegated permissions. However, removing our delegated permissions will disable some features of Cobweb CORE to be able to manage your account and may prevent us from being able to provide support for your service.

NOTE: If you are only shown the Business Store homepage after opening our relationship agreement link, the account you are signed in with does not have permissions to accept the agreement. Please sign-out and log in as a Global Administrator account before attempting to accept the agreement again.