Email Anti-Spam Protection Overview

Cobweb provides a multi-layered anti-spam solution with all Hosted Exchange Mailboxes. This combines MessageLabs Skeptic(TM) predictive technology with Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam(TM) technology.

Our MessageLabs Quarantine service stores spam away from the corporate network improving performance and reducing the chance of spam attacks.

Fully customizable blocked and approved sender lists (by domains, IP and email addresses) can be managed through the Cobweb Control Panel and multiple other configuration options for messages identified as spam including block/delete, append header, append subject, forward to bulk mailbox, or end user quarantine can be configured by contacting our Technical Support Team.


  • Multiple detection techniques increase effectiveness and protection against known and unknown spam.

  • Leading signaturing technology virtually eliminates false positives.

  • Reduced email volumes lessen demand on your Internet bandwidth and reduce storage costs.

  • Flexibility of spam management allows the choice between a centrally managed solution and giving the end-users control over their own spam.