Finding your Domain's DNS Host

Many of the Office 365 services have features that require specific DNS records (which need be added to your domain) to function correctly. The Office 365 DNS records must be added via your domain host. In some cases, you may not know who hosts your domain, as they may be managed by 3rd parties.

The tools below can be used to point you in the right direction by telling you who currently hosts the records for that domain. The returned results will display the domain’s Nameservers, which are the servers hosting the DNS records.

ICANN Lookup (.com, .org, .net)

  1. Open the ICANN Lookup tool in a web browser:

  1. Enter your domain in the search field

  1. Press Lookup

  1. Under Domain Information, find the details for Nameservers

Nominet Lookup (.uk,,,

  1. Load the Nominet WhoIs tool in your web browser:

  1. Enter your domain in the search field

  1. Press Search

  1. Find the information listed for Name servers

If you don’t recognise the nameservers

If you aren’t familiar with the details that come back for the nameservers, you may find that it is being managed on behalf of someone else. In this case, you may find it worthwhile to check with the following people to see if they are aware of who has the control:

  • Your domain registrar (who you purchase the domain from)
  • Your website provider
  • Your email provider
  • Your local IT support team