Global Relay

Global Relay Message Archiving

Automatically have your compliance critical email data archived to Global Relay's datacentres, allowing secure retention and organisation of your email data.

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Global Relay - Frequently Asked Questions
How do I log into my archive? You can log in via the plugin for Outlook: ) Or access it online via How can I retrieve an email? From w...
Message Archiver User Guide (Global Relay)
Copyright (C) 1999-2009 Global Relay Communications Inc. All Right Reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission. Target Readers The Global Relay Message Archiver and Compliance Reviewer (Message Archiver) User Guide is i...
Global Relay - Searching for Emails - Standard and Advanced
INTRODUCTION The Message Archiver and Compliance Reviewer has dynamic search and recovery tools that enable messages to be located based on virtually any contents of the body, header and attachments. Standard Search focuses on the Sender, Reci...