Global Relay - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my archive?

You can log in via the plugin for Outlook:

Or access it online via

How can I retrieve an email?

From within Outlook, Outlook Web Access or the Web Archive above, you can restore/retrieve an email from the archive by clicking on the email Subject in the list, then clicking on the Recover icon in the window that appears:


The email will then be sent to you and filtered into the 'Recovered Messages' folder in Outlook:


How can I manage the emails in my archive?

Global Relay provides a facility called Folder Manager; you can create folders in which to sort email; this allows you to identify particular groups of emails, and search within them quickly.

To do this, log into your GR portal and select Folder > Folder Manager:


I have changed my default (send from) email address; why are my emails not archiving?

Global Relay will need to be configured to take into account your new email address. This will need to be done by a Superuser/Administrator.

How can I change a normal user to a super admin/admin/reviewer?

Log in as an Administrator, Select Tools > User Manager, and in the Search Active Directory section of the screen, enter text in one or more fields and click Search. The search results will display in a new window. Click on the desired Username to bring up the User's details. You will then be able to edit the access levels for this user. Please note that Super Reviewers cannot change other Administrators' access levels.

How can I set up 'keywords' (these are called 'flagging rules' in Global Relay)?

Logged in as an Administrator, you can elect certain keywords, phrases etc. as being 'flagged', so when an Administrator/Reviewer logs on these emails can be immediately audited by using the 'Flag' > ''Flagged for Review' section of the Standard/Advanced search windows. To do this:

From the Tools > Flagging Rules screen, type the word or phrase in the Keywords and Phrases to Flag text box and then click the Add button to the right. While keywords/phrases are not case sensitive, the Message Archiver does scan for exact matches, so you may wish to add multiple variations of a word or phrase.

To get a complete list of keywords and phrases in the system currently, leave the text box in that section blank and click the Search button. An alphabetical list will display. To delete a word or phrase from this list, click Delete to the right of the keyword or phrase.

How can I forward an archived email to another user?

Any user (who has access to at least their own archive) can forward emails from their archive to another user; to achieve this, simply open up the email via the Subject, and click on the Email dropdown menu. You can then Reply, Reply All or Forward onto another user:


I cannot see the Global Relay folder in my Outlook/Outlook Web Access?

Ensure that you have installed the plugin available from You will not be able to link through to the Global Relay site from within Outlook Web Access; please use the link