iPad user manual

iPad User Manual


Signing in and get started

If you have a data plan, or your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, signing in is as easy as starting an application.

Start the Lync app, and on the sign-in screen, enter your credentials, and then tap the Sign In. Tap Show Advanced Options if you need to enter server information.


Set your status or sign out

To change your status, from the "my info" screen, tap your status, then select your status or tap Sign out.


Join a Lync Meeting

To Join a Lync Meeting, from the Event screen select your meeting and tap Join Meeting. You will then be connected to the meeting audio.


View meeting content

When you're attending a Lync Meeting, an ad-hoc audio or a video conference call with three or more people, you can view shared PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing.

When you're viewing content in a meeting, you can tap Stop Viewing to stop viewing content, to resume viewing (while the content is still being presented), tap the Sharing icon at the top, and then select Start Viewing.


Add audio to an IM

When you're in an IM and you want to call the contact, tap the Phone icon and then select the number you'd like to call.


Send an IM during a video call

To send an IM while you're in a video call, tap the IM icon, type your message, and then tap the Send icon.


Find the right person

From the Contacts screen, tap Search. Start typing a person's name in the search box. The results appear below the box.


Send an instant message

When you find the person you're looking for, tap their name, and then tap the IM icon. Type your message, and then tap the Send icon.