Log into Hosted Desktop from your iPhone or iPad

Log into Hosted Desktop from your iPhone or iPad


To log into the Hosted Desktop from your IOS device, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Download and install the Citrix Receiver application from the App store.

  2. Open the Citrix Receiver application and click on the Get Started link on the right hand bar. You will be prompted to enter the settings for a new store.

  3. Enter the address https://login.cobwebdesktop.com/hd/m/config.xml

  4. Click next.

  5. You will now be prompted to add new settings. Add the following settings:

    • Description: (you can leave this as it is or you may customise it)

    • Domain: nasstar-t1

    • Username: Your email address

    • Password: leave blank

  6. Click on save. You will now be prompted for the password. Enter it and click on OK.

  7. Click on the Plus sign on the Hosted Desktop icon to add it to your home screen.

  8. Click on Home button in the top left hand corner.

  9. Now click on the Hosted Desktop icon. You will now be logged into your Hosted Desktop.

In the future when you open the Citrix receiver you will be brought to your home screen which will display the Hosted Desktop icon. To log in simply click on the icon.