Log into the Backup Management Console for Acronis Cyber Cloud

Your configuration for the Acronis Cyber Cloud service is generally configured through the Acronis Backup Console.

Cobweb CORE

If you have Admin rights in Cobweb CORE, you can sign into the Acronis Backup Console directly from your CORE account.

  1. Sign into Cobweb CORE with your administrator account at https://core.cobweb.com
  2. Select the Backup option from the left-hand menu

  1. Scroll down to your list of users and search for the required Acronis user

  1. Select the Actions menu next to the user
  2. Select Log into Backup Console

Acronis Login

It is possible to sign into the Backup Console using the password set against the Acronis account.

The login URL for Acronis is https://baas.acronis.com.