Lync Video Quick reference v1.1

Use video controls and view

Click Pick a Layout, and choose an option:

  • Gallery View shows all the participants’ videos.

  • Speaker View shows the presenters’ videos.

  • Content View shows only the meeting


  • Compact View shows the tiles of the participants in a compact window.

  • Manage the participants

    To manage the participants, right-click their video or picture:

  • MuteUnmute, or Remove the person from the meeting.

  • Lock the Video Spotlight locks video on the person in spotlight.

  • Pin to Gallery keeps a participant visible in the Gallery View.

  • Full screen view

  • Click Pop out video gallery to see the videos in a separate window.

  • Click Full Screen View for a large view of the videos.

  • Click Pop in video gallery to go back to regular view.

Lync 2013 Quick Reference


Set up your video device

You need a camera to share your video, but you don't need one to see other people's videos.

To set up your camera

  • Click in the Lync main window, then click Video Device.

  • If your don't see your video preview, make sure the camera is working correctly.

  • To adjust settings, click Camera Settings.

Start a video call

  1. Pause on a contact's picture and click the camera button.

  2. An alert pops up on your contact's screen to accept your call.

  3. When you're done, pause on the camera button and select an option:

  4. Stop My Video: ends your video, but you can still see others’ videos.

  5. End Video: ends all the videos for you, but you’ll still have audio.

TIP You can also click the camera button to add video to an IM or conference call.

Start a video conference

Start an ad-hoc video conference to discuss a subject that requires immediate attention.

  1. Select many contacts by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the names.

  2. Right-click the selection, and click Start a Video Call.

  3. When you start a video call, you automatically use Lync computer audio.

  4. Use the video controls to manage the conference.

    Answer a video call

    When someone calls you, an alert pops up on your screen. To answer the call, click anywhere in the picture area.

    Click Ignore to reject the call and send to voice mail.

    Click Options to take other actions:

  5. Send the call to Voice Mail.

  6. Redirect to your Mobile or Home phone.

  7. Reply by IM instead of video.

  8. Answer With Audio Only if you don’t want 

    to share your video.
  9. Set to Do not Disturb to reject the call and avoid other calls.

Invite other people to a video call

  1. In the conversation window, pause on the people button, and click Invite More People.

  2. Select the invitees from the Add People window, and click Add.

  3. Your new invitees receive a request to join your call.

Add video to an IM conversation

  1. Pause on the camera button and check your preview.

  2. Adjust your camera if needed, and click Start My Video.

  3. To stop sharing your video, click Stop My Video.

TIP Click End Video to stop sharing your video with others AND end their video feeds to you.