Manage Acronis Cyber Cloud Usage Quotas in Cobweb CORE

When you create a user for the Acronis Backup Cloud service, you will be asked to set a quota for how much that user can backup. This includes how much Cloud Storage the user can take up or the number of devices the user can backup. In some cases, you may want to change this after the user has already been created.

Manage Usage Quotes

  1. Sign into Cobweb CORE with your administrator account at
  2. Select the Backup option from the left-hand menu

  1. Scroll down to your list of users and search for the required Acronis user
    - Users previously allocated an Acronis quota will show with the ‘Activated’ Service Status

  1. Select the Actions menu next to the user
  2. Select Change Settings

  1. Under ‘New Quota’, change the limits of the User’s quota

  1. Press OK