Managing your Office 365 Service in CORE

This guide will help Administrator users of Cobweb CORE to manage their Office 365 service, including licence assignment and signing into the Office 365 portal

Signing into Office 365 from Cobweb CORE

  1. Login to Cobweb CORE as an Administrator user  
  2. Click Office 365 tab in the left navigation pane

This will bring you to the Office 365 Management screen


Click Login to Office 365 as an Administrator 


This will open a new Microsoft Window which will prompt for your username and password.

Enter these credentials, and you will be signed into Office 365.

Resetting your Office 365 Administrator Password

Under Office 365 Portal in Cobweb CORE, click Change Password


This will give you the option to select a password or choose a server generated one by clicking Generate Password

Purchase Licences

You can purchase Office 365 licences in Cobweb CORE.

Simply click Licences, under Office 365 in Cobweb CORE and you will be presented with the quantity of licences you have available.

To buy more, simply click Buy More on the Subscription you wish to increase


You will then be able to increase your licence quantity by clicking the + button alongside the licence you wish to increase. Click OK


You will then be asked to review your order, and Click Confirm 

Assigning Office 365 licences

To assign Office 365 licences to users in Cobweb CORE, simply navigate to Office 365 on the left navigation pane and scroll down to Office 365 Users

Here you will see a list of the users you have set up in Cobweb CORE

To assign a licence to a user, simply click Actions alongside each user and then Assign Service


Tick the licence to assign to the user and Click Assign

Link a Domain to Office 365

Linking a Domain to Office 365 is easy in Cobweb CORE.

Simply navigate to Office 365 along the left navigation pane, and under Linked Domains, click Link New Domain


Here, you can registrar a new Domain for your Office 365 service, Transfer in existing Domain to Cobweb which is registered with another host, or simply Add a Domain whilst retaining the current registrar.


Select the option you require and enter in your Domain then click Next 

Select the Office 365 Services to use alongside this Domain and tick the option if you wish to switch existing users to this new Domain if required. Click Finish