Mobile Email - Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which network carrier my mobile device is on?

No. As long as you have a GPRS/3G enabled device and data tariff you will be able to access your email

Does the Hosted Exchange service support Microsoft's Direct Push always up-to- date email?

Yes. Cobweb has developed an add-on service for all Premium mailbox users that provides an always-up- to-date email experience and enhanced device security for users with Windows Mobile 5 (or greater) devices.

Do you support Windows Mobile devices?

Yes. Support for Windows Mobile devices via ActiveSync is provided as standard on mailboxes. If Premium mailbox users wish to use Microsoft's latest Direct Push functionality Cobweb's Managed Direct Push service is available as an addon service.

Do you support Blackberry devices?

Yes. We support both Internet and Enterprise Blackberry devices. The functionality of these devices differs greatly though.

Can I use a Symbian based mobile device to read my email?

Yes. The latest Nokia Symbian devices can use Nokia's Mail for Exchange client that works using ActiveSync and includes support for Cobweb's Managed Direct Push service. Please refer to the ActiveSync documentation under the 'Mobile Email' section of the Knowledgebase.

Can an existing in-house BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) be used against the Hosted Exchange service?

Unfortunately there are two principle reasons why an existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) cannot be connected to Cobweb's Hosted Exchange service.

  1. Security - The BES Administrators needs a high level access in to the Exchange platform which would provide access to see all of the users of the service, not just an individual company.

  2. Performance - The BES requires a low-latency connection to the Exchange server which would not be available with the servers connected over a remote link.