Modify Licence Quantities in Cobweb CORE

If you have an existing subscription in your Cobweb CORE account, you can modify the subscription quantities to either increase or decrease available licence counts.

If you are looking to add new services to your account, please see Adding More Services in Cobweb CORE.

Please note that downgrade requests are subject to approval. Please contact your Account Manager if you are looking to decrease your licences.

Change Resource Limits

  1. Log into Cobweb CORE as an Administrator

  2. Select Account on the left-hand menu

  1. Select Subscriptions

  1. Click onto the Subscription you want to increase

  1. Select Change Resource Limits

  1. Increase the required licence quantity under New Limit to the new value required

  2. Press OK

  3. If prompted, confirm the payment method you wish to use for the order

Once the order is placed, most licences will automatically start provisioning. You will see a confirmation notification once it has been successfully provisioned.