Navigating the Control Panel

This guide will help the administrator manage their 365 subscription via the Cobweb control panel.

Step 1: Login to and login using your administrator credentials. If you are unsure what these are please contact

Step 2: Once logged in you will be presented with the 365 Window within your dashboard as below. Click Manage


If you are not presented with this window on your dashboard, ensure you have selected the correct subscription to view. To check this, simply navigate to the top right drop down menu and select your 365 plan

Step 3: Once you have clicked on Manage you will be presented with the below options


Synchronise now

Synchronise now button will allow you to sync any new changes you have made within the 365 portal itself or via control panel.

The core functionality of this button is to sync the below items

  • Service users

  • Licences

  • Domains

Please note: Password resets will not be synchronised between 365 and your control panel.

User tab

This will display the list of users that you have created and if they have a 365 licence assigned to them. This section gives you the ability to add more users to 365 by clicking the Add new user button

How to create a new user

  1. Click on the add new user button

  2. Fill out the fields as below making sure the usage location is set to UK.


  3. Select the role you require your user to have by ticking the box

  4. Now assign the user a licence from your bank of available licences by ticking the box beside the available licence and click Add.


This section will display domains that you have added to 365 and will give you the ability to add more if required.

How to add a domain to 365

  1. Click Add domains

  2. Tick the domain that you wish to add and the service that you want to use on the domain

  3. Click add

You will now see the domain has been added to the 365 service.


This shows what 365 subscription you have purchased, and what licences you have used and what are available.

If you have logged into your control panel but are unable to see any of the functionality outlined above, please contact your system administrator, alternatively please contact