Outlook 2010 Sharing Inbox Sub-Folders

Sometimes when using Outlook it may be necessary for you to be able to view one of someone else's sub folders of their inbox, without being able to see their inbox.

This is possible by assigning the user in questions permissions through Outlook so that they can then add in that folder into their Outlook without being able to see the content of the inbox. The following steps detail how to do this.

  1. The first step is to set the permissions on the top level and inbox.

    • To set the permissions for the top level right click on your email address and select "Folder Permissions" as shown below:

    • Then select the permissions tab, followed by clicking the add button as shown below:

    • Then select the user you wish to share you folder with from the Global Address List, select "add" followed by "Okay" as show below:

      • Once you have added the user to the permissions, assign them folder visible only, as shown below:

      • The next step is to assign the permissions over the inbox. This is done exactly the same way as before.

      • Firstly, right click on the inbox and select "Properties" as shown below:

        • Select the permissions Tab followed by Clicking "Add":

        • Then select the user from the global Address list:

        • Then assign that user "Folder visible" permissions only, as shown below:

  2. The next step is to set the permissions of the folder you are wishing to share.

    • Begin by right clicking the folder you wish to share and select "Properties".

    • Now select the user in the Global address list and add them to the permissions, as shown below:

    • Assign the user the level of permissions you wish them to have over that mailbox, as shown below:

  3. Now that the correct permissions have been applied the folder will have to be added in to the other user's profile.

    • Once logged in as the other user, Select "File" followed by "Open" then "Account Settings"

    • Once you've selected "Account Settings", double click your email address, as shown below:

    • This will bring up the Profile configuration settings as shown below, then Click "More settings":

    • Then Click "Add".

    • The type the email address of the mailbox in to the field followed by clicking "Okay" as shown below:

    • Now Click "Apply" and "Okay", followed by "Next" and "Finish":

      • You should now be able to see both the inbox and the sub folder however only the contents of the sub folder will be visible, as although visible permissions were set over the inbox, this is just for the folder as no read permissions were set over the content.