Register a New Domain

If you are looking to purchase a new domain to use with your services with Cobweb, you can use Cobweb CORE to order your new registration. You can then use Cobweb CORE to manage your domain with us.

If you already own your domain with another Provider, please see Transferring your Domain to Cobweb.

For domains you can register with Cobweb, please see our Supported TLDs list,

Register your Domain

  1. Log into your Cobweb CORE Administrator account at

  2. Select Domains from the Menu
  1. Select Add New Domain
  1. Select Register New Domain

  2. Enter your domain name to register

  3. Press Check

  4. Select the Registration Period to register the domain for*

  5. (.uk Domain Types) Enter the Legal Type details for yourself or your organisation

Note: This information must be accurate. Failure to provide accurate information may result in domain suspension.

  1. Press Submit

  2. Press Purchase

*The domain will register for this initial period and auto-renew for the same length at the end of this period.

Once the domain registration is complete, you can start adding your domain records.

After the registration is complete, you may receieve a notification to your account from regarding verifying your Contact Information. This is part of the Verification of Contact Information process. You must respond to this request within 14 days, or your registration will be suspended until completed.

Supported TLDs

Cobweb supports registration of the following Top Level Domain types.

If you don't see your domain type on the list, you can check with us if we are able to handle your domain type by contacting us at