SharePoint Editing Documents

SharePoint - Editing Documents

Windows SharePoint Services includes document management and version control functionality.

When you check out a document, other users cannot edit the document or see your changes to the document. If you later decide to check in the document without saving your changes you can use the Discard changes and undo check out option in Check in page. You lose any changes made while you checked out the document. The document reverts to the last checked-in version, and no version history is kept for the unsaved changes.

  1. From the menu bar, go to Documents and Lists and find a document library to use and click on its name.

  2. Move the cursor over the document you want to edit. A drop down will appear. Click the down arrow of the drop-down box and select Edit in ... To edit directly in SharePoint.

  3. The document will open in the appropriate application; go to File, Check out. This will check the document out to you and no other author will be able to modify the document.

  4. Once you have completed editing the document, click Save and then go to file and click Check-in


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