Sharepoint Exporting List Data from Sharepoint

SharePoint - Exporting List Data From SharePoint

Users can import, export, and create SharePoint lists with Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or later. This example shows how to export a SharePoint list as an Excel 2003 spreadsheet so you can work with the data offline.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Using Internet Explorer, go to the page that contains the list you want to export.

  2. In the Actions list, click Manage Content. A directory of all the lists in the current area appears.

  3. Click the name of the list you want to export. For example, to export your list of contacts as a spreadsheet, click Contacts.

  4. In the Actions list, click Export to Spreadsheet when the list appears in your browser.

  5. If a File Download dialog box appears, click Open. If Excel is installed on your computer, the list opens after a few moments.

  6. When you select a cell in the list, the List toolbar appears.

  7. On the List toolbar, click the List menu. You can use this menu to complete various tasks, including publishing, editing, and unlinking the list. When you open the spreadsheet in Excel, it remains linked to the SharePoint list unless you unlink it.

8. If you edit the list but want to discard your changes and refresh from the server, click the Discard Changes and Refresh button on the List toolbar. If you want to synchronize your changes with the list, click the Synchronize List button on the List toolbar.


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