SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint - FAQ

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft's Collaboration environment allowing teams to work together more efficiently. SharePoint is delivered as a web based environment built on top of SQL Server and includes Document Management, Custom Data Lists, Alerts, Outlook Integration, Site Customisation and Security Management functionality. Cobweb provide SharePoint versions 2.0,

3.0 and dedicated SharePoint 2010.

Can I use my existing domain name with my SharePoint site?

Yes. With Cobweb's Hosted SharePoint service we can configure the service to use your own domain name e.g. vs.

What client software is required to access the SharePoint service?

Users can access the SharePoint site via any web browser. We recommend that users access your SharePoint site using Internet Explorer 7.0 or above as this exposes the full functionality of SharePoint to your users and provides the most secure browser experience.

How long have you been providing Hosted SharePoint services?

Cobweb has been providing Hosted SharePoint services for more than 5 years and we have over 300 customers using the service.

Can Guest Access be configured on a Managed SharePoint Services site?

No. Our Managed SharePoint Services platform provides comprehensive anti-virus scanning which is licensed on a per user basis. This enforces a per user per month price. Unauthenticated Guest Access is therefore not possible, however a single common username and password can be given to a group of users if required.

How many companies are using the Hosted SharePoint service?

Cobweb currently supply Hosted Exchange to over 300 companies.

Is it possible for a business to use a domain name that can link up with a SharePoint site?

Yes. The customer can use a domain such as

Do you offer trials of the Hosted SharePoint service?

Cobweb is able to offer a free 30-day trial of the Hosted SharePoint service to allow for a pilot implementation.

Describe the data backup procedures for the SharePoint service

The service is backed up with the primary goal of providing service recovery in the event of a major failure within the service platform. Incremental Daily tape backups are performed each night with Full Weekly Backups completed each weekend. Weekly Backup Tapes are stored away from the primary data centre. Backup tapes are rotated on a "Grandfather, Father, Son" basis with 1 tape each month kept for 12 months and 1 in every 12 monthly tapes kept indefinitely.


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