SharePoint Restoring Deleted Content

SharePoint - Restoring Deleted Content

What are the options for being able to restore data deleted within a SharePoint site?

There are three options for the restore of user deleted data with Cobweb's Managed SharePoint Services solution

  1. Custom Restore

    Whilst the service includes backups with the main aim of service restoration, the backups we take can be used to provide specifically requested restores of data when required. As this is a nonstandard element of our service we charge for all such restores on a time & materials basis, at our standard daily Professional Services rate of £800 (£100 per hour). Typically if the data requested is within a backup from the previous 4 weeks this will be on a tape within our backup library. The restore of the SharePoint database and subsequent data retrieval takes approximately 1 working day, with an associated charge of ~£800, depending upon the actual amount of time required. If a restore is required where the required backup has been removed to offsite storage this incurs additional time to perform the restore, typically 2 working days or £1,600.

  2. Dedicated Virtual Server

    Within our current SharePoint service there is the option of the site being delivered from within it's own IIS Virtual Server and associated dedicated Content Database. With this approach we are able to perform SharePoint site level backups with significantly shorter restore times. The fees for the conversion of your site from our standard shared solution to a dedicated Virtual Server are available through our Sales team on 0345 223 9000.

    A restore would typically take half-a-day or £400 if the backup was within the tape library.

  3. SharePoint Services 3.0

The lack of a undo delete feature within v2.0 of SharePoint Services has been addressed by Microsoft with a 2-stage Recycle Bin in SharePoint Services 3.0. The Recycle Bin option provides individual users and site administrators with the ability to restore deleted files without the need for data restores. Sharepoint 3.0 is now available as part of Cobweb Hosted Services - please contact the Sales team on 0345 223 9000.