Teams Call Queues

Call Queues allow you to route a PTSN call to multiple users or hold calls until a user can answer.

You will need to first create a Resource Account for the Call Queue. You must also have either Business Voice or Enterprise Voice services assigned before you can create a Call Queue.

Create a Call Queue

You can create Call Queues in the Teams Admin Center.

  1. Log into your Teams Admin Center at
  2. Go to ‘Voice > Call Queues’

  1. Select Add
  2. Provide the required details for your Call Queue:
    1. Call Queue Name – This is the name users will see when answering these calls
    2. Resource Account – Allows calls to be routed to the Call Queue
    3. Greeting – Provide a audio file to be played to callers before ringing with users. If not specified, it will go straight to ringing users.
    4. Music on Hold – The music file played when callers are held in the queue.
    5. Call Answering – The users and/or groups of users that the queue will attempt to ring on. Also specifies how it will attempt to route to users:
      • Attendant Routing – All users will ring at once
      • Serial Routing – Will route to users down the list of users
      • Round Robin – Will attempt to balance calls between all the users
    6. Call Overflow Handling – What happens when too many calls are in the queue at a single time.
    7. Call Time Out Handling – What happens to calls when they have been waiting for too long.
  3. Press Save