Transferring Domains to Cobweb (Legacy Control Panel)

Transferring your domain to cobweb will allow you to manage your DNS records through your existing Cobweb Control Panel meaning you benefit from centralised management of your Hosted Services. You can transfer the following domains to Cobweb.








All domains other than those ending in .UK will incur a £25.00 charge which is billed using your usual payment method once the transfer is complete.

Before starting the domain transfer you need to check the administrator email address that is listed on the domain you are transferring, you can check this by going to and then searching for your domain. If the administrator email address is not listed you will need to contact your domain provider to confirm the address. If you no longer have access to the administrator email address you will need to get this updated by your current domain provider.

The transfer process varies depending on the type of domain you are transferring, the process is detailed below. If the domain you are transferring is already within your control panel, please start at step two.

 Step One  First you will need to add the domain to your control panel, to do this login with your administrator login credentials at and then select ‘all domains’. Select to ‘add an existing domain registered elsewhere’, you will need to enter your domain name before clicking Next > Finish. 

Step Two  To avoid the risk of downtime you should click on the domain within the control panel and go to DNS > DNS Records and add any records you currently have with your current domain provider. 

Step Three – If you are transferring a domain you will now need to contact your domain provider and request that the IPS tag on your domain is updated to ‘ENOM’. If your domain ends in any other extension you will need to ask your current domain provider to provide you with an EPP Code and they will also need to unlock your domain ready for transfer. 

Step Four – You will now need to Return to the ‘All Domains’ section within the Cobweb control panel and then select the ‘Transfer Existing Domain’ option. At this point you will need to put in your domain and your authorisation code if your domain is not a You then need to select finish. 

If the domain you are transferring is a domain step five is not relevant. 

Step Five – Within 24 hours an email will be sent to the Administrator email address listed on your domain and you need to click on the link within the email and agree to the transfer. 

Step Six – Our Service Transition Team will then manage the transfer of your domain, a process that can take up to ten days. Once the transfer is complete you will receive a confirmation email, if after ten days you have not heard from us, please contact our Service Transition Team by emailing or by ringing 0345 223 9000.