OneDrive for Business Troubleshooting

1. Ensure that Microsoft Office is up to date with the latest patches.

2. Log in to Microsoft Office with your Office 365 credentials.

3. Perform an Online Repair of OneDrive for Business.

4. Run a Windows update.

5. Ensure that the file and folder names do not contain unsupported characters or invalid file types.

 You cannot use the following characters: / \ : * ? " < > | # %

 You cannot upload a .PST file if it is in use.

 You cannot upload a folder with the name forms as this already exists by default.

 You cannot upload a folder with the name containing _vti_.

 You cannot upload a file that has the extensions .tmp or .ds_store.

 You cannot upload desktop.ino, thumbs.db or ehthumbs.db files.

 You cannot upload any file that is open by another application.

 OneNote Notebooks can be uploaded however use their own Sync mechanism.

 More restricted file types can be found here.

6. Ensure that file sizes, item counts and file path lengths are within the limits of.

 A file name can only have up to 256 characters.

 A folder name can only have up to 250 characters.

 A file can be no bigger than 2GB.

 You cannot have more than 5000 items synced in a single document library.

7. Repair OneDrive for Business sync connection.

 Use the OneDrive for Business repair tool to detect and resolve any problems.

 The repair tool disconnects all document libraries with issues, reconnects the sync (downloading the latest version of data) and creates an archive of any data that is un-synced.

 Do not restart the computer while the repair is taking place.

 Right click on the OneDrive for Business logo and select Repair to start repairing.

8. Stop and restart a sync.

 Right click on the OneDrive for Business logo and select Stop Syncing a Folder on all synced document libraries.

 Take a backup of the files in C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/ and place on desktop.

 Delete anything relating to OneDrive for Business in this location.

 Open the Task Manager and end the tasks GROOVE.EXE, MSOSYNC.EXE and CSISYNCCLIENT.EXE.

 Navigate to C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Office and delete the folders 15.0 and SPW.

 Create a new sync to the document library.

9. OneDrive for Business Troubleshooting Guide.

 Use the OneDrive for Business Troubleshooting Guide located here.

10. Add the OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Online URL’s to Internet Explorer Trusted URL list.

11. Log in to Office 365 with Internet Explorer and ensure Keep me signed in is ticked.

12. Ensure that Web Client is running and set to automatic within services.msc.

13. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office.

14. Add EnableADAL registry key.

 Open the registry key editor and navigate to HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Office/16.0/Common/Identity

 Add a DWORD registry key with the name EnableADAL and value 0.