Webhosting - Modifying ASP. Net Version

Not all websites created use the same ASP framework in order to function - as technology advances new ASP.Net versions are released which mean additional functionality and a greater capacity to construct feature rich content for your site. Yet a site designed in an earlier version of ASP may not function in an environment designed for a more advanced version. Cobweb's service currently supports ASP 1.1, ASP 2.0, ASP 3.5 and AJAX which can be modified through your Control Panel.

The main differences between these ASP Versions are:




  • Object oriented web application development supporting Inheritance, Polymorphism and other standard OOP features

  • Developers are no longer forced to use Server.CreateObject(...), so early-binding and type safety are possible.

  • Based on Windows programming; the developer can make use of DLL class libraries and other features of the web server to build more robust applications that do more than simply rendering HTML (i.e. exception handling)


  • Mobile controls

  • Automatic input validation


  • New data controls (GridView, FormView, DetailsView)

  • New technique for declarative data access (SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, lDataSource controls)

  • Navigation controls

  • Master pages

  • Login controls

  • Themes

  • Skins

  • Web parts

  • Personalization services

  • New localization technique

  • Support for 64-bit processors

  • Provider class model


  • Windows Communication Foundation which can use ASP.NET to host services.

  • Windows CardSpace which uses ASP.NET for login roles.


  • New data controls (ListView, DataPager)

  • ASP.NET AJAX included as part of the framework

  • Support for HTTP pipelining and syndication feeds.

  • WCF Support for RSS, JSON, POX and Partial Trust

3.5 SP1

  • Incorporation of ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  • Support for controlling browser history in an ASP.NET AJAX application

  • Capability to combine multiple Javascript files into a single file for more efficient downloading

  • New namespaces System.Web.Abstraction and System.Web.Routing

How to change ASP.NET Version in the Control Panel

  1. Log in to the control panel (https://controlpanel.cobweb.com) and select your webhosting subscription from the top right of the screen.

  2. Select the Websites tab and then click on the domain name for the web hosting you are modifying.

  3. Click on Website Configuration

  4. You are now on the General Tab. Scroll to the bottom and select Edit

  5. If your website was created using ASP.Net 1.1 select ASP.Net 1.1, If your website was created using ASP.Net 2.0 or higher select ASP.Net 2.0

  6. 6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit

Disabling ASP.NET Support

If you are using PHP and would like to disable ASP.Net go back to the General tab and select Edit. Now scroll up to ASP Support, and uncheck, then change asp.net support to Off and scroll down and select Submit